Our background in new construction with our experience in electrical maintenance allows us to deliver fast and reliable services. From installing EV chargers, upgrading lighting to complete design/build installations, we are confident that your home or business project will run seamlessly. With every electrical project we accept, we understand that the your goals are unique. As such, we adjust our solutions according to what you need. Consider our wide range of services that help you achieve your goals for keeping your home or office powered.

Our renovation services aim to re-invigorate lighting, install new appliances, and update your property for now and in the future. As you improve your home or office, your electrical system must support your upgrades. Allow us to update your electrical system the right way.

Adapting to new technologies, such as electric vehicles, EV stations and home automation, improves your overall comfort. However, your home or office will require upgrades to support these modern developments. Our electricians are the right people to help your property keep up with these technological advancements.

We have wired over two thousand housing units in the Lower Mainland. Working on single-family luxury homes to multi-family complexes gives us the confidence in our skills when it comes to the installation of electrical in your home.

We have handled electrical projects for local businesses and international chains, from paint stores and pubs to restaurants and retail. When you are customizing your business to achieve your goals, we have the right team to ensure you get there.

Starting a new construction project is a meticulous process. Allow our professional electricians to elevate your architectural concept and apply the necessary electrical elements. We ensure that your ideal vision for your home or commercial building will be powered correctly.

Our electrical experts can retrofit your home or office’s lighting and electrical infrastructure. As you upgrade building elements, we ensure that your overall structure can maintain them. Count on us to improve your total available power, energy-efficient devices, EV systems, and backup generation.

Ensuring that your residential or commercial property’s electrical system remains functional is part of our job. We offer annual checks, safety inspections, and lighting replacement services should you need them.

Our electrical experts are ready to resolve any issues your system might encounter at any given time. We dedicate our services to locating faults and system problems, identifying, and eliminating them with minimal downtime and inconvenience.

We are confident that the electrical system we install for your project meets your expectations. Still, we monitor every component, analyzing them for any anomalies to ensure everything runs optimally.