Do you have questions or things you are unsure of about Electric1? We’re here to answer them. Below are some of the most common questions about electrical services and our responses to them. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

We know our customers want upfront processes and consistent charges for the work we provide. We like to know that new customers have as much information as we can provide before you call.

SERVICE CALLS: our rate is $225 for the first 2 hours, minimum callout charge, and $135 for each full or partial hour after, plus material and GST. 

SCHEDULED ELECTRICAL INSTALLATIONS: a quotation will be given for your approval prior to starting. This will be a lump sum price encompassing all necessary materials, labour and permits required to complete your job. All prices will have GST added.

Once you have reached out to us by phone, email or web submittal we will contact you to discuss your needs and assess the type of work. When a service call is required we will arrange for an electrician to meet you at your site. 

For electrical installations, we will arrange a convenient time to meet with you to assess your project and provide you with a quotation for the work required. The time for the quotation will be dependent on the complexity of the job. We strive to keep this time to a minimum.

Prior to starting we need your contact information, including email address and phone number and location of your site. For a service call we will email you an intake form to sign that acknowledges that you allow us to be at your site and you understand our rates, terms and conditions. Once we have received that form back our tradesperson will be assigned.  

For electrical installation quotations we need your contact information and site location. We will then arrange a convenient time to meet on site to start the estimation and quotation process. A written estimate will be provided and upon acceptance we will notify you of any material delivery dates and arrange a time to start your job.


We ask that access to the work area by open and as clear of obstructions as possible. Every site and job is different so we are able to accommodate depending on the conditions at the time.

Once our electricians arrive at your site they will contact you directly. In the case of a service call, assess the situation and take the necessary steps to provide you the service that is needed. 

Scheduled electrical installations will have the time on and access to the site pre-arranged. The tradespeople will start the work and provide updates. We are available so contact us at any time in the process.

Electrical contractors in BC are required by law to be up to date in the latest methods and standards for the safe installation of equipment. They are also bonded and regulated by Technical Safety BC allowing the contractor to be able to pull permits as required in your local area. The oversight from the inspecting authorities and constant upgrading ensures that the work your electrical contractor does for you will be of a high standard. At Electric1, we are fully insured and licensed, TSBC License # LEL0026932.

Did you know that unpermitted work is four times more likely to result in a significant safety hazard than work performed under a permit? Permits help ensure that the work on your property or business is safe. Permits also help to confirm that maintenance or operation of regulated equipment is done properly. Each time you take out a permit, you are adding yourself to the safety system – a network of everyone else in BC who also have permits – this shared data allows the inspecting authority to alert you of any risks or hazard trends seen in others’ work or equipment similar to yours, sometimes even before you order your equipment or do the work, saving both time and money.

A permit is required anytime regulated electrical work is done. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Replacing light fixtures or ceiling fans.
  • Installing or moving light switches or electrical outlets unless done by a qualified person
  • Installing electrical wiring for renovations, including solar installations.
  • Connecting permanently-installed electrical equipment such as a dishwasher, over-range microwave or hood, security camera, or heat pump.

Permits are a legal requirement in BC and often necessary for home insurance purposes. They give inspecting authority data and information to help with safety oversight in the province – your permit allows us to contact you or warn others of trends in unsafe work or hazards that may lead to an incident. Failure to obtain a permit where one is needed may result in enforcement action by the inspecting authority.